Sunday, October 16, 2005

... and here's Darrell!

As the title suggests, It's Darrell ... now in colour. One little one of Taylor to colour up in his karate outfit then I'm all out of karate sketches ... better take my sketchpad down to the next session methinks ... :D

Eleventeen feet tall and sword proof!

Can't remember if I got the number of white wotsits right, but here's Paul ... eleventeen feet tall and never stops moving ...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Karate Tom ... in Colour!

I coloured up (in photoshop) the first of the Karate club members, Karate Tom! :-

(The ear piece is there 'cso he sometimes forget he's still got his phone earpiece in when he arrives at class)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Can I help you? .. now in colour!

I decided to colour up that nice helpful fella from an earlier post :-

Friday, October 07, 2005

Alien and friend ...

Dunno their names, but here's a drawing of them made again while at the outlaws .. you can tell I really get into conversation and chit chat while there can't you ...

Beaky, Beaky, woh oh oh Beaky ...

This was an idea for a 3d model I was going (might still decide ) to make for some 3d animation, this was drawn while at the now famous outlaws:

You block head ... er .. and body!

Just a strange quicky while waiting for Shelly to get some stuff done at the salon :-

Can I help you?

Here's a pic of a nice helpful fella, drawn while at the outlaws ... can't remember why i drew him now.

can't get the staff !

This last karate pic for now is Darrell - He is a Brown belt (+ gold tag) and sometimes teaches my Son Taylor at the Karate club ... I drew this while the other instructors were making fun of him :-

Like Father like son ...

Here's Paul, one of Tom's sons, (I've yet to do a drawing of his other son Andrew yet, be warned Andrew ... lol) he is also an instructor at the same Karate club, he's also a comic book artist (no links to any of his work yet tho') and a keep fit n healthy nutter ... sorry Paul!

Scanned again ...

Hey all!

While at Taylor's Karate lesson the last week I drew three of the guys there, firstly, here's Tom, he's the main instructor at the Karate Club:-

Ps: I know I haven't put his white tags on his belt ... as far as I can remember he should have 5 .. oh wait is it 4 white tags on his back belt ... sorry Tom :D