Friday, December 23, 2005

Sorry Danni ....

:D ... The second woman karateist is now added ... I really am being rather brave aren't I?

This one is of the slightly tall and smiley Danni (let me know if I got the spelling right)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

here we go ... my life in my hands ...

Well, I taken my life into my own hands by doing the first of the 'wimmin' Karateists at the Karate club when Taylor goes ... ah, well, at least I have a couple of weeks before I'll be there again, plenty of time for it to blow over before she sees me :D (i hope)

here's the lovely Emma! (not sure if I got the belt correct, let me know if it isn't please)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wanna see some Betelgeusian puppies?

This started off as a wellington boot and it just naturally evolved into this, this was done the same night I drew Andrew ... I've started to colour this little fella up now, but i'll probably only revisit it now and then so don't hold your breath for the coloured version ... unless you want to pay for a nice hires coloured one(?) the same is true of any of the images you see herein, if I still have the hires version and you want it, send money ... I can dream can't I?

Sigh .. the bloke called 'Fonly'

'Fonly I had some money, 'fonly I had left when I saw it going pear shape instead of thinking things will work out ... 'fonly I could win the Lotto ... 'fonly I'd stop saying 'fonly.

Some more sketches ...

Here's a little character I drew the other night while away from t'computer, I don't know who/what/why he exists, he just fell of the end of the pencil ... probably why he's yelling!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

At last .. here's Andrew, Taylor's favourite punchbag and armlockee ...

Not had too much time on my hands af late, but here, at last,I give you 'Andrew', As the title suggests, one of my son Taylor's favourite punch bags and victim of the dreaded arm and thumb lock - (I did try and warn you fella!) - now ... who shall I add next ... hmmm thinks for a mo' ... they're all karateists and I'm not and some are women (and I'm not!) ... I'd better tread carefully! bwuhahahaaa .. cof cof ... gag ... choke ...