Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Clay has done it again ...

While going through Clay's school bag today (helping his Mum get it ready for school tomorrow) I discovered this ... Nice one son!Sad news today though .. our dog Rupert died this afternoon, he was over 13 years old (We've had him for about 12 years or so) and had recently started again with his seizures after seemingly getting over them with medication, unfortunately this time round he didn't get through them. he survived being run over on the fast road outside our house, being attacked and left for dead by two dogs, an Akita and some kinda of terrier. At least he's not suffering now. Rest in peace fella.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Amy at last!

Or is she saying .. oh god no! (sorry if I spellt your name wrong Amy!)

Amy is yet another of the gang down at yonder Karate club.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Teenage mutant wha?

Just how long ago did the Teenage mutant ninja wotsits first appear ... I did this back in 1981 as one of the characters in the comic I was doing then ...

and here's a comic thing I was sorta doing in 1981

I was doing some work for the local advice center's newspaper (back in 1981- no easy access to computers and desk top publishing) and as payment I had a few perks like getting to use the camera and darkroom and also having my comic strip printed on its back page :D ... here's two of those pages :

Okay .. now I feel old ...

While trying to sort out some old boxes I've got in the Garage I came across these old drawings that I did a 'little while back' in one of them, they were drawn in 1981, the first is an unfinished version of the program cover for the school production of 'Dracula Spectacular' :

Friday, October 13, 2006

Phone pics!

Here's a couple of pics I drew on my phone while at the outlaws .. well .. okay, its a little more than a phone .. but its still a phone :D -- still more images n stuff to dig out and stick on here!

I'm not dead .. just been a tad busy ...

I will be updating the Blig and my site with stuff sometime in the next few days .. honest ...

In the meantime go have a look at a quick site I knocked up for My Son's Karate Instructor - Paul Roper - UXS - using the artwork he provided and and short animation trailer for his character.

Also, news ( a few weeks old now) Taylor (my youngest son) - passed his Green Belt grade in Karate - not only that, it was with a first class pass!

Catch ya'll soon