Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pics, Car with a headache and NarrowBand (again)

Couple o new pics .. some more to come by the end of the week hopefully If i have the time ... These two are a couple I did at the outlaws on real paper with real pencils .. then coloured virtually in photoshop very quickly with no mess ... hmmm .. no messss ...

and other news ... My car died last week, the dreaded 'Head gasket' .. fortunately i'm in the AA so they paid the biggest chunk of the repair bill .. but still .. coulda done with out a) the hassle and b) the extra 250 quid on top of the 500 the AA paid for me ... :(

More hassle .. My broadband is currently quite narrow ... 130Kbits at the o' .. i have had up to 7mbits which isn't bad considering they reckoned i would 'only' get about 3.5mbits .. although downstream its has been 130kbits, upstream its been 400kbits .. figure that one out if you can!

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