Friday, September 23, 2005

Nigel Gruntfuttock and Bert.

Nigel Gruntfuttockwas a name my Dad kept using when talking about silly people when I was a kid ... I've only learnt fairly recently that it was also mentioned in 'the Goon show' and is a character played by Kenneth Williams in 'Round the horne' (thanks Michael) .... anyway ... the guy at the top is my rendition of him and Bert is at the bottom.


Michael said...

Hi Bli,

I followed your link from Skwigly.

Sorry to be pedantic, but Gruntfuttock was a character from "Round The Horne", voiced by Kenneth Williams.
The same era as the Goons, but the shows carried on until around 1967.
You can still hear them on BBC7

Bravo on taking the blog plunge!

Billy Allison said...

Thanks, I couldn't remember exactly where i'd heard the name, but I do definitely remember it being mentioned in a episode of the Goons too, maybe it was a reference to Kenneth Williams character, I've never actually heard any of the 'Round the Horne' program. I might go have a listen :D